Workplace Injury

Work-related injuries can be unavoidable, regardless of your field. Specific trauma to the foot and/or ankle from slips, trips and falls are a painful annoyance for workers. For example, your ankle has rolled outwards after landing awkwardly or perhaps the wheel of a forklift has reversed over your foot and caused a fracture. In these scenarios, your injury will require expert diagnosis and treatment.

There are common activities in the workplace that may predispose you to injury over time. Overload of bone and soft tissue structures from micro-trauma of the repetitive actions of your everyday work actives may cause an accumulative trauma disorder or work related musculoskeletal disorder. Muscles, tendons and ligaments become fatigued from repetitive strain, so if you’re experiencing ongoing discomfort, the podiatrists from Footmed Foot and ankle clinics are available to treat the causes of your foot pain today.

Don’t Let Workplace Injuries Impact Your Life

There are other conditions that can have serious consequences for health and safety in the workplace, such as calluses, ingrown toenails, arthritic joints, hammertoes, bunions and blisters. Experiencing discomfort, pain and fatigue at work lowers productivity and makes for a strained lifestyle – poorly fitted work shoes also contribute to these problems. Footmed is the right team to treat anything from an ingrown toenail to ongoing heel pain.

You’re One Step Closer to Recovery!

At Footmed Foot & Ankle Clinics, we use the Tissue Stress Approach to:

  1. Accurately identify which anatomic structure is receiving the pathological stresses that have caused its injury.
  2. Determine what are the most likely types of pathological forces (i.e. tension, compression, shearing) that are causing the injury. We use state-of-the-art, F-scan plantar pressure analysis to identify abnormal forces acting on the lower limb using the shoes that you wear in your workplace.
  3. Design a treatment plan that will best reduce the pathological forces on the injured structure, optimize gait function and not cause any other pathology to occur.

Podiatrists at Footmed Foot & Ankle Clinic work closely with your doctors, occupational physicians, physiotherapists and case managers to keep you at work or get you back to work in a safe, controlled and considerate manner.

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