Analysing your Gait

At Footmed Foot and Ankle Clinics, we utilise advanced technology to provide Adelaide and Murray Road with quality podiatry services. When it comes to gait analysis, in-shoe pressure analysis enables us to accurately determine the way your feet function within your shoes by using special insoles with force sensors.

This detailed analysis allows us to evaluate how the foot loads force during walking and running and, where appropriate, we can compare different types of shoes or specific work related or sporting activities. This technology is the only way to analyse the interaction between the foot and the shoe. For patients with orthotics, we are able to compare the before and after effects to get a clearer picture of how the orthotics affect function.

We also use this technology to help us design orthotics as we can modify them based on the results until the best function is achieved. This is particularly suitable for complex cases. We also use treadmill video analysis to help capture abnormal movements that occur during your running or walking.

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