Sporting injuries and foot pain

At Footmed Foot and Ankle Clinics, we utilise our experience and expertise to treat sporting injuries and foot pain in patients across Adelaide and Murray Bridge. Common cases of simple ankle injuries usually involve sports, biomechanical instability or trauma.


A strain is usually attributed to overuse and repetitive damage to the muscle or tendon and are common in athletes and elderly patients who are at high risk for wear and tear injuries. With a mild strain you will complain of the ankle feeling sore and weak, and inflammation with heat and swelling of the joint is evident. For a severe strain pain will be more significant with difficulty putting weight on the injured foot. This may indicate a full or partial tear of the muscle or tendon. It is important to determine the level of injury by grading the strain and getting a definitive diagnosis and to fully understand what structures have been damaged and to what degree.


A sprain is the result of a strong force on the foot or the ankle that causes the ligaments holding the joint together to stretch to the point of tearing. Most ankle sprains are due to inversion sprain on the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. Sprains can also occur across the midfoot damaging the ligaments of the Lisfranc joint usually from a working or sporting injury such as horse riders.


Ankle fractures can be caused by awkward fall or landing with a lot of force in an awkward position. They can also be caused as a result of overuse in the form of a stress fracture that develops over time or from trauma. Symptoms of stress fracture can be similar to a sprain, with bruising, swelling and pain and it can be difficult to know that a bone has been fractures without an x-ray. A stress fracture is not often displaced and requires modifying your activity, stiff soled boot or moon boot for 4 weeks. A more severe fracture may involve displacement and deformity of the bone that sometimes requires surgery to realign the bone.

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