Private day hospital in Adelaide

Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery (‘AADS’) is a day stay health care facility that offers patients the convenience and the affordability of having foot surgery performed safely within the hospital setting. AADS provides the equipment and staff needed to perform foot surgery safely and effectively, maintaining high quality and customer service while simultaneously reducing costs. AADS is licensed with SA health and accredited to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (2nd Edition).

The focus

Adelaide Ambulatory Day Surgery is a patient-centric facility providing a responsive, non-bureaucratic approach to each individual. Patients have a choice in anaesthesia, including intravenous sedation by a specialist anaesthetist, Penthrox inhalation and regional, nerve and ankle blocks.

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Our values

‘The right patient having the right procedure in the right facility with the right anaesthetic going home to the right environment.’

Quality of Care

Patient safety, quality of care and ensuring best practice clinical outcomes are achieved is an important objective of our day surgery. AADS undertakes a follow up of all elective surgical cases and use 7 indicators to assess the quality of and satisfaction with procedures performed.  Feedback submitted by patients is also included in this review which provides essential information on all aspects of care.

The data is independently analysed and reported on by GovernancePlus.

Your Healthcare Rights

Everyone who is seeking and receiving care in the Australian Health System has certain rights regarding the nature of their care. AADS respects these rights and includes them in the charter and relates to access, safety, respect, communication, participation, privacy and comment.

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