Effective heel pain relief in Adelaide and Murray Bridge

At Footmed Foot and Ankle Clinic, our experienced podiatrists help you relieve and resolve heel pain. Specialising in heel pain relief, we welcome clients across Adelaide and Murray bridge. In children, heel pain is likely due to irritation or injury to the growth plate in the heel often called Sever’s disease or calcaneal apophysitis. Don’t put up with heel pain any longer – get heel pain relief with help from our professionals.

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis refers to pain in the lower part of the tendon itself. The area may be swollen and a firm nodule may be present if the condition has been long standing.The Achilles tendon has a relatively poor blood supply like most tendon structures, so it will take some time for the condition to settle with the ‘tincture of time’. Initial treatment includes:

  • A concentrated course of specialised calf and ankle stretching
  • Strengthening and proprioception exercises
  • Short course of anti-inflammatory medication
  • Night splint for 4-6 weeks to produce a prolonged controlled stretch
  • Heel raise to reduce tension or prescription orthoses if biomechanical factors are present
  • Change in footwear (if required)


Often from prominent bone spurs, bursitis of the heel occurs when the fluid-filled sack called the bursa that is located in the back of the heel bone swells. This leads to pain in the heel that gets worse with activity. Prominent spurs at the insertion of the achilles tendon into the heel can cause the skin to rub against the heel counter of the shoe causing friction, thickening of the skin and often a development of a bursae. The condition occurs due to overuse of the ankle during activities such as walking and jumping.

Fat pad atrophy

Fat pad atrophy happens when the layer of fat that lies under the heel bone begins to waste away due to a number of different medical conditions and as we age.

Insertional plantar fasciitis

If pain doesn’t improve as expected an MRI may be required to see if there is involvement of the bone deeper to the plantar fascia. Bone marrow oedema may be the reason.

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